Just by seeing her body, many will believe that the model Zahra Elise is Brazilian, since one of her biggest attractions is her dazzling butt that impacts everyone; however, it is originally from the United States.

Her jump to fame was not immediately, as little was known about it until she began uploading images of her body to Instagram, leaving all men with their mouths open because she has a voluptuous body that breaks with the standards of beauty.

Zahra is the example that does not need advertising or appear in fashion magazines to capture the attention of gentlemen, since in @zahraelise_ has more than 419 million followers.

Break barriers
Whether with tiny bikinis or tight lingerie, Zahra has shown that beauty is not measured with the typical 90-60-90; in that sense, it has become a benchmark for women of sizes outside the European fashion measures.

Her dark skin and short hair place her among the most beautiful women, since in addition to having a body of infarct has a beautiful face that many gentlemen have fallen in love from the first moment they see her.